TripCenter: Wenn sich Reiseleidenschaft und Technologie zu einer guten Idee vereinen

Attentive Trendlupe readers know: Travel is one of those activities that I enjoy doing. And yes, everything that needs to be plugged in and out, I’m not averse either. If both parts still come together to form a good idea, then I am there.

The idea I’m talking about is the new service platform The head behind it, who devised this idea, sits on the shoulders of Chirag Golwala.

TripCenter is the story of an idea that was born only because a person no longer relied on negative experiences in the tourism industry, but developed an antidote. In the case of Chirag, it was one thing that annoyed him after 16 years of tourism industry: that the booking of bus tours and travel guides in different countries, a virtually endless booking process required.

“Endless research and communication across continents ate more and more time,” says Chirag. “I wanted to develop a tool that would simplify this process.” In November 2013, he developed a corresponding technology – and realized that it not only worked on a small scale, but also simplified global booking processes. TripCenter was born.

TripCenter is not just a booking platform that could revolutionize the way group tour operators work in the future – it also stands for the positive aspects of globalization and digitization. While big companies are always talking about turning from manufacturing to software-specific services, people like Chirag are simply putting their idea into action.

What makes TripCenter so special? builds a bridge between global demand and local supply. No matter what the requirements are: Whether a bus trip through the Swabian Alp or Route 66, offers real-time solutions for global group travel.

On the one hand, tour operators, travel agency employees, incoming agencies and group travel organizations can book their transport requirements for group travel. On the other hand, bus companies can register and use TripCenter as a sales opportunity and increase their presence with group travel organizers. Due to the current working methods of the bus companies, the utilization rate is around 62% over the year. TripCenter can help to optimize this. Finally, tour guides have the opportunity to register on the website free of charge to offer their services.


There is still a lot to do

Allerdings haben Chirag und seine Mannen noch eine Menge vor. Aktuell ist mit über 230.000 Reiseveranstaltern und Reisebüromitarbeitern weltweit in Kontakt. Derzeit sind etwas über 1.000 Reisebusse live online in Europa über TripCenter buchbar. Mehr als 500 Busunternehmen mit einem Fuhrpark von mehr als 8.000 Bussen unterziehen sich derzeit dem Qualitätssicherungsverfahren. Darüber hinaus wurde TripCenter von mehr als 8.000 Reiseleitern kontaktiert, die sich derzeit ebenfalls in der Qualitätskontrolle befinden. „Spezielle Programmschnittstellen für Anbieter sind in Planung“, erzählt Chirag. „Unser Team steht hierfür in Kontakt zu einigen der weltweit größten Fuhrparkbetreiber.“

I think it’s worth keeping an eye on whether Chirag can really kick off the revolution in the travel industry with I’m curious.

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